WCSA Inc. is a Texas corporation that provides construction, excavation, maintenance, demolition, hydro-excavation and vacuum/air truck services for Industrial & Agricultural applications.  Joe Whiteside, President, has been an independent contractor since 2003 working in the construction business for over 39 years. Excavation construction services include demolition, building or repairing pads, ponds, ditches, roads and project management. Vacuum Truck/ Air Machine services (wet or dry) include grain storage facility solutions, platform scales, spills, ponds, tanks, silos, vaults, circ line cleaning and sand filters. WCSA Inc. now offers hydro-excavation services will be provided. WCSA Inc. rate sheet will be provided upon request. 

Our Vision.

At WCSA Inc., we believe that being a construction company first makes all the difference. It's who we are, and how we work. Our passion for this perspective is so strong that it guides everything we do. We are here to champion respect for our trade, the art of craftsmanship, and the advantage of self-reliance. 


We believe safety is the most important part of any project. This attitude allows for constant attention to injury and loss time prevention and proper employee training.

Safety is the most important aspect of any project. A clear communication of goals and training is the compelling force behind the WCSA Inc. "top down" safety culture.

WCSA Inc. creates a safety plan for all its projects based on each one. All safety plans are based around our safety manual. All safety plans include the following:

  • Jobsite safety inspection before startup

  • Define safety hazards

  • Inform employees of all plant requirements

  • Check equipment pertaining to WCSA lockout/tag out policy

  • Startup safety meeting (safety coordinator, superintendent and crew)

  • Weekly Safety meetings and daily Toolbox Safety meetings.